B&B Talent Management


B&B Talent Management represents fewer clients and therefore can give an actor more attention which can be wonderful in developing an actor’s career, as we have relationships with casting directors, producers, show runners, and directors outside of your agents’ relationships.

B&B will nudge your agents, help you bust down doors, and establish a clear identity for you among the casting community. We can help you focus on your goals and put them into motion. We rarely have competing category clients, so the biggest benefit of management is knowing we are repping only You in your category. In addition, we are career architects and will guide you step by step in getting exposure, training, publicity, pictures, an effective reel, etc.

B&B handles public relations, business matters, and helps to make a career plan and keeps the actor on a path toward success. As an actor's fame and career grows, most actors cannot juggle the acting demands, interviews, and appearances that come with a prominent career. We will coordinate the actors schedule and speak on behalf of the actor as their career grows. We are very hands on and give very specific instructions on every little step that you make in the entertainment industry, including advice on coaches, workshops, and photographers. We are more or less the quarterback of the team (actor, manager, agents), setting a direction, telling the actor what they need to do to compete -- and giving them the bad news in terms of what they cannot do. We take more of an interest in promoting, cultivating and marketing our actors. We will help actors understand contracts, compensation, billing practices, safety, and speak on your behalf when necessary. We act as liaison between our clients and theatrical agents, other professionals in the entertainment industry, and the general public.

When an actor has problems on a set, they should always contact their manager, not their agent. It our duty to coddle, mold, advise and generally speaking, smother our clients with individual care, attention and at times emotional support. Our job is to guide and advise your career. If you haven’t been able to get an agent yet, we will guide you and help you become as marketable and attractive to talent buyers and agents as possible. When we feel you are ready to meet with agents, we will pitch you to the top agents. Furthermore, we help manage the artist's personal and professional life in a way that allows the artist to focus on creative productivity. We are the artist's representative, and act as liaison between our clients and both the public and theatrical agent, publicists, label, studio, publisher, talent agency, touring personnel, attorneys, business managers, and other professionals and anyone else associated with the artist's business. We work closely with the artist's publicists and stylists to create and maintain the artist's image. From simple suggestions, to complex negotiations, to long term career plans, we live the artist's career every day behind the scenes. Our commitment to and involvement in the artist's career is one hundred percent. We are the driving force breaking through the barriers of frustration and difficulty so often encountered in the entertainment industry. We have the expertise to find and develop new talent and create opportunities and develop marketing strategies for those artists which we represent. Did you know that currently neither Colorado or New Mexico have any registered Managers in their state to guide Actors?

B&B Talent Management strives to guide the professional careers of our talent by overseeing day-to-day business affairs of an actor; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career.

Our duties incudes:
Placing talent with a Reputable Talent Agent
Create and critique Talent’s Demo Reels
Audition Preparation
Bi-weekly ‘group’ meetings on Actor’s career
One on One monthly meetings
Advise talent on acting classes and coaching
Advise talent on reputable photographers
Search for roles not offered through Agency for Talent
Prepare resume or advise talent on preparation of a resume
Help make any and all decisions related to talent’s career
Answer questions on anything related to a career in show business

B&B Talent Management will make sure that actors are accurately listed on IMDB, Actors Access, and Casting Networks and that an actor’s membership is current with SAG-AFTRA, and other collective guilds or unions. B&B Talent Management will determine an actor’s most marketable type and the kinds of projects on which an actor is most likely to find work; will advise actors on their image, resume format and content, headshots, acting classes, demo reels, websites, personal appearance and overall career direction.


"As a young person trying to navigate through this tricky industry, I can say it is simply extraordinary to have these wholesome adults in my corner. Ronda and Dave provide their talent with maximum encouragement/positivity, realistic advice/information, as well as something that is most valuable…their TIME. I leave every B&B Talent Management meeting feeling reassured and focused on what needs to happen next. My audition experiences have improved such a large amount since signing with B&B, as well as training with Ronda. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, Ronda always offers to break down sides and make sure her talent feels prepared before an audition. Dave adds to this feeling of stability with his attentive nature and firm optimism. It’s a family!"  -  Jain Barrett

"B&B Talent Management took me from the beginning stages of acting to now a SAG actor with two recurring roles on television and a supporting role on a major feature film all in two years!"  -  Tony Sedillo