B&B Talent Consulting

B&B Consulting

Talent Manager provides 1-on-1 guidance on your career including;

  • How to get started
  • Where to find good acting coaches
  • How to create a resume
  • How to create a demo reel
  • How to package yourself to pitch to Agents/Managers
  • Which Agents or Managers to target
  • What to do when your career stalls
  • How to network
  • Connecting with the “Right” people
  • Targeting the right market for your look
  • How to find professional photographers for headshots
  • How to navigate AA and what needs to be on your profile
  • What other casting sites you need to have profiles on
  • How to say clear of fake auditions
  • Learning what slate shots are and how to record them
  • How to self tape to make the audition look professional
  • One on one coaching for auditions
  • Learning the audition process
  • Why you need multiple head shots
  • How to self-submit
  • How to find auditions your agent or manager is not seeing
  • How commercials and voice over’s can earn you big money
  • Are workshops by casting directors important?

We offers 30 and 60 minute 1 on 1 Skype sessions tailored to YOU and YOUR needs. Please click below and reserve your date and time now.

*Please note that by participating in consulting sessions you are NOT being exclusively managed by B&B Talent Management, but being offered career consulting on a half hour or hourly basis as little or as many times as you like.

*Referral Program
ALL Actors that refer another Actor will be given $5 off a 30 minute session and $10 off an hour session, granted the Actor being referred notes the Actor that referred them in the NOTES section. Actors are NOT limited to the amount of Actors they refer.

Click here 5 minutes before your session time

**Disclaimer: B&B Consulting does not make any promises to Actors that are consulted that they will be guaranteed agency or management placement or book any projects, but will be advised on the best methods to guide the Actor’s career. We have a *NO REFUND policy. If an Actor needs to cancel an appointment, cancelations must be received 24 hours prior to session. NO EXCEPTIONS. Actors may then change the booking to a new date and time. For any reason should the Actor experience technical difficulties, a credit will be given to schedule another session. Please make sure SKYPE is up and running efficiently BEFORE booking a session. Actors are not limited in the amount of sessions they book.